February 16 - 22, 2016


ARO HA was born of the intention to create a facility that exemplifies a more resilient localized living solution.  From Permaculture, to Passive Haus techniques, we’ve attempted to integrate best practices for solving the essentials of life.  The 8.4-hectare site (about 21 acres) sits on a sub-alpine terrace with expansive views of Lake Wakatipu.  Here they’ve merged ancient traditions with modern technology.  So, while crops are stored in cellars, refrigerated by the ambient temperature of the earth, the site is monitored by a state-of-the-art building management system, allowing efficient conversion of sun and water to energy. The vision is Zen inspired luxury, where the luxury comes from intelligent design, function of space, and exceptional programming, rather than opulence or excess. 

Never before have all these elements been combined to provide such a rich guest experience. The facility is designed for group interaction.  Our ancestors shared spaces. They moved together. They ate together. They played together, and so do we. All of this magic comes together seamlessly into a guest experience that is unparalleled.