Embodying the Flow

July 4 - 7, 2016

Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training with Simon Park

40 Hours Samudra and Yoga Alliance Certified


This foundation immersion weekend empowers you to embody and teach yoga as a universal connection to the flow of prana, our life-force. 
Embodying the Flow™ immersion is for aspiring and seasoned teachers as the introduction to a wholistic, energetic approach to teaching vinyasa as more than a technique or style of yoga but a way of guiding the flow of our body, practice and life. 

Based upon the teachings of Krishnamacharya's lineage, Tantra, Sacred Arts, Ayurveda, Bhakti and Somatics, Embodying the Flow models the synthesis approach to integrating the roots and evolution of living yoga that Shiva Rea has been pioneering for over 20 years of teaching. Simon has been a student of Shiva for 20 years and brings his diverse Yoga background which includes Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Thai Massage. 

We will create a Living Yoga Ashram during our training in Chamonix as a community-based, dynamic, creative, and rejuvenative approach to teacher training. You will begin teaching the first day and leave empowered to begin practice teaching or elevating your current teaching.

Our unique program also provides year-long support for living vinyasa through Samudra's Global Online program with a community of teachers. 

This is the first of Shiva's modules; which can be applied to the 200 or 300 hr Prana Flow Certification. Deepen the way you breathe, move, teach and flow in the yoga of life.



  • Teaching the rhythm and flow of our breathing body as synched with the universal pulse
  • Embodying the Sun-Moon for balancing active-meditative states within yoga and life
  • Learn to teach Four Classical Namaskars and Two Rhythmic Vinyasa Namaskars
  • Wave of a Class – Leading Class Openings and Movement Meditation
  • Asanas as Mudras – Intro to the Energetics and Poetry of the Body
  • Hands-on assist and teaching cues for 10 core asanas for Namaskars (sun salutations)
  • Prana Flow Three-Part Vinyasa method for teaching alignment in the flow

  • Daily Meditation and Pranayaa and the basics for personal practice and teaching


  • The philosophical roots of Vinyasa Yoga and the embodiment of tantric hatha yoga
  • The Origins of Sun Salutations and Evolution of Prana Flow Namaskars
  • Embodying Prana – Understand five movements of Prana underlying all of the asanas and movements of nature
  • Living Vinyasa - the micro-macro cycles that guide living flow and the wave of a vinyasa flow class
  • Learning Krishnamacharya's principles of Vinyasa Krama
  • Embodying the Flow 100+ page workbook-manual
  • DVD and Online resources for continued practice


View and become familiar with Shiva's DVD "Yoga Shakti" 
Read: "The Heart of Yoga" by TKV Desikachar


465 Euros (includes manual by Shiva Rea)

Lunch and Dinner plan available including delicious vegeatraian organic meals created by Coco Catalina Borsche

On site Housing available at additional cost


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