+ Special Guest: SUSAN MICHEL

for new and experienced teachers

September 2018

This immersion can serve as an introduction to Prana Vinyasa or as a deeper immersion for Vinyasa Flow teachers. The retreat’s 40 hours count towards Shiva Rea’s or Yoga Alliance 200 or 500 hour teacher training.

A great option is also to enjoy this module as an immersion retreat. There is no need to be a teacher. Asana intensive, fully inspiring and great fun - it is never certain exactly where Simon will take you next!

Welcome to the 2nd 200 HR Liquid Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Simon Park and Special Guests

This project is the culmination of a 22 year journey and passionate exploration into the Art of Yoga. I started on the path with Shiva Rea in the World Arts and Cultures Department of UCLA in 1995. She is still my most influential and wonderful example of living Yoga. It is with great honor that Shiva has given her blessing to this project. This teacher training is my personal expression and interpretation of her wisdom and the great lessons bestowed by my other teachers; Maty Ezraty, Richard Freeman, Dharma Mitra and Joan White   

The result of immersive study with master teachers from diverse backgrounds is a multi-disciplinary approach to the practice, study, and application of Yoga. Continuously inspired by the ideals of Bruce Lee -  Learn the Principle. Abide by the Principle. Dissolve the Principle ‘.  The primary focus is to remain an inspired student while allowing the teachings to evolve toward the needs of the student. The Liquid Flow Yoga Kula is dedicated to soaking up the great wisdom of our living teachers as well the history and lineage of our teacher’s teachers… passing it on to the next generation by bringing the knowledge to life in the present moment. 

This training will also have a strong emphasis on understanding Yoga as a healing practice by exploring relationships within the body rather than looking only at separate areas. We will integrate related traditions such as Thai Massage + energetic healing touch, physical/ energetic/ and fascial anatomy, mindfulness mediation, ayurveda, kirtan, and freedom of the spirit. I will be joined by a community of incredibly gifted and experienced teachers in their particular fields: Susan Michel - gifted Rolfer and Yoga therapist, Gwyn Williams - a ninja ZenThai Shiatsu Master, and Johannes Vogt - talented, original Kirtan artist. Including many other very experienced teachers, passionate in their craft, working toward the common goal of sharing their knowledge with Love. This training will give you the essential tools for teaching yoga and but will also appeal to experienced teachers and practitioners. It is designed as a 3 week wholistic training, or 1 or 2 weeks can be taken individually by the experienced practitioner. Be prepared for an extraordinary experience of Yoga Union.

Peace, Simon

June 25 - July 1: Embodiment. 

Deepen Your Practice, Essential Teaching Skills, Hands on Assisting, ZenThai Shiatsu, Yoga Therapeutics

  • Intensive and Healing Asana Practice: Detailed alignment and assists for all key asanas. 
  • Physical and Energetic Alignment: Dynamic Actions within Asana + The Flow between the postures ( Movement meditation )
  • Vinyasa Krama Sequencing + Wave Sequencing as taught by Shiva Rea (Part 1)
  • Artful Assists ( Part 1 ) 
  • Introduction to Physical, Fascial and Energetic Anatomy + Yoga Therapeutics with Susan Michel 
  • ZenThai Shiatsu with Gwyn Williams   
  • Pranayama + Meditation 
  • History and Philosophy 
  • Practical Teaching Skills


July 2 - July 8: Integrate.

Refine Your Practice, Physical and Energetic Anatomy, Yoga Therapeutics, Ayurveda, Thai Massage

  • Intensive and Healing Asana Practice: Detailed alignment and assists for all key asanas. 
  • Vinyasa Krama Sequencing + Wave Sequencing as taught by Shiva Rea 
  • Artful Assists 
  • Applied Physical, Fascial and Energetic Anatomy with Susan Michel / Avoiding Injuries + Working on students with Injuries and special needs
  • Practical Teaching Skills
  • Introduction to Ayurveda 
  • Pranayama + Meditation
  • History and Philosophy
  • Thai Massage + Energetic Healing Touch Modalities 


July 9 - July 15: Absolute Freedom.

Create a Practice for Yourself and Others, Practice Teaching, ZenThai Shiatsu Module 2, Yoga Therapeutics, Bringing All Aspects of Yoga into Life

  • Progression toward Intermediate + Advanced Asana
  • Creating Your own Vinyasa Sequences for classes and home practice 
  • Creating Therapeutic Yoga sessions for Privates and Classes 
  • Artful Assists 
  • ZenThai Shiatsu Module 2
  • History & Philosophy of Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga 
  • Thai Massage + Energetic Healing Touch Modalities (Part 3)
  • Teaching Pranayama and Meditation 

Sample schedule 


7:00 - 9:00a

9:00 - 10:00a

11:00a - 1:00p

1:00 - 2:00p

2:00 - 5:00p

5:15 - 7:00p

7:30 - 8:30p

Full Immersion Practise


TT Topics of alignment, assisting...


Free Time to hike, relax, use sauna...

Evening Practise