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What are you thirsty for in your own life?

It’s a waste not to ask for what you need

And even a bigger waste not to take a chance.

If you don’t over-estimate your abilities several times over,

you just see dangers and not possibilities.

If you doubt your abilities, you’ll never improve.

Maty Ezraty

The art and practice of Yoga is the science of uniting body, mind and soul.. it is timeless and eternal.

At the heart of the Liquid Flow Yoga is community. A very special gathering of artists: inspiring yoga teachers, bodyworkers, free-thinkers, meditators, musicians, chefs, bhakti + karma yogis and most importantly, we remain students of life.

Our intention is set toward a transformative experience of practice, growth, connection to nature, music, nourishment, love and support for each other's journeys.